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About The Fenning Group

The Fenning Group was formed by Donald Fenning in 1998, following a distinguished twenty-five year career at Cleveland Wrecking Company, including service as it' President and Chief Operating Officer.

The original goal of The Fenning Group was to provide a hands-on approach to turn-key content liquidation, contracting, and asset recovery operations. However, due to the success and rapid growth of its hotel salvage operations, furniture liquidation quickly became the company's main focus. Over the past decade, the company has grown into one of the nation's leading hotel furniture liquidators, and has expanded into liquidation of new furniture, overstock, manufacturer returns, and many other types of goods.

Since its inception, The Fenning Group has focused on meeting the needs of the hotel industry by offering a variety of hotel content liquidation and FF&E salvage programs. Often, these hotel furniture liquidation programs can be combined with other pre-construction services to create a more comprehensive front-end approach for hotel renovations. Various types of purchase, liquidation, de-installation and removal programs are available.

The Fenning Group's resale and liquidation operations led to creation of its resale and retail division, Hotel Surplus Outlet. After his long involvement with Cleveland Wrecking’s salvage outlets in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, Mr. Fenning saw a strong opportunity for an outlet-type establishment. Hotel Surplus Outlet was opened as an ancillary operation of The Fenning Group in early 1999.

In recent years, Hotel Surplus Outlet’s operation has broadened its range beyond hotel goods to now include liquidation of a wide range of fine new furniture and decorator goods through its relationships with manufacturers and many other sources.


About Donald Fenning

Donald Fenning is Founder and President of The Fenning Group, LLC. Prior to starting the Fenning Group in 1998, Mr. Fenning was President and COO of Cleveland Wrecking Company, one of the world's most renowned specialty contracting organizations as well as a past president of the National Association of Demolition Contractors. Mr. Fenning created the subsidiary company, Cleveland Environmental Services, which specialized in Asbestos Abatement and Environmental Contracting. Mr. Fenning holds contracting licenses in General Engineering, Demolition and Environmental Contracting.

An internationally respected expert with a reputation for spearheading successful field operations, Mr. Fenning worked with many of the world's leading corporations, developers and contractors. He has extensive experience on high profile demolition and salvage projects and has handled major industrial liquidations with recoveries in excess of $1 million each.

Mr. Fenning handled several hotel and lodging liquidations during his many years in the contracting field. The recycling and salvage background is what spurred the initial interest in the hotel liquidation field, which has since became the mainstay of The Fenning Group and its Hotel Surplus Outlet operation since 1999. The growth of the company's asset recovery and liquidation operations moved him away from day-to-day demolition contracting services and into a broader scope of asset recovery although Mr. Fenning still does consulting, budgeting and advisory work in the demolition and salvage field.

Mr. Fenning is closely involved with the company's operations and runs all of its’ day to day operations. He works closely with each client throughout the project planning stages and follows each project through to completion. Mr. Fenning also spends a great deal of time managing the growing resale and retail operations at Hotel Surplus Outlet in Van Nuys California